Mycteria 2: Ice Mycteria

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Sydney Mohr

 Yay! So here's the second drawing in my Mycteria series! It is an "Ice Mycteria", I suppose :D. This type lives in a cold, seasonal environment on cliffs near the ocean, hence the thick, fur-like feathers covering the body, legs, and talons. I continued with the vulturine ruff around the neck, as well as the scaley feathers on the breast and back. This particular Mycteria has teeth on the upper mandible in addition to the lower, whereas my previous drawing had teeth only on the lower. I thought perhaps that this 'Arctic' species can use its jaws like an extra set of claws to effectively grasp or clamp onto the slick ice on which it spends much of its time, which also explains why the teeth are quite thick and sturdy. Again, it actively hunts fish and also commonly feeds on carrion. For these reasons, this Mycteria has extraordinarily strong neck and jaw muscles to chew through thick skin and blubber of dead animals, as well as to possibly break through thinner ice to reach fish that swim beneath it. Therefore, its feathers need to be both insulating and water proof. Its nostrils/nasal cavity are considerably larger in order to warm the air it breaths in. Like all Mycteria, it nests on cliffs. Really, it doesn't have much of a choice XD. They lay one or two eggs on a sheltered ledge, covering it with down and feathers. It is too large to incubate it itself. In terms of size, the Ice Mycteria is very similar to my first species in terms of body length and width only, so around 6-8 feet long. However, it has a more robust frame and is much heavier due to its large muscle mass and bounty of thick feathers and down, which evolved to enable it to survive in its harsh environment. To support its body in flight, it has longer and wider wings (38-50 feet long) supported by larger and stronger arm and chest muscles. Sooooo overall, he is one tough cookie :).I was thinking normally its feathers are a muted white-gray-blue; pure white for immatures and juveniles. So this individual I figure is a male in breeding plumage. The girls go for the blue ;)Leave no stone unturned, right? :) Hope you all like it!p.s. - I've started 2 more Mycteria, and plan to do as many as my brain can spew out, so it will be like a Mycteria infestation. Not that that's a bad thing ;)

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