Likes to play electronic drums and Keyboard  and  few other instuments.  I draw and write and paint, mostly in acrylics .  Already a fan of Elfwood, since my wife enjoys it so much. I often feel like an anachronism, born either too far in the future or not enough in the past!I am happly married to the Purple Dragoness.                                                       I like Music, Playing it and writing music and songs. Art, lizards and Cats.Enjoy cooking occasionally, though Lynn cooks better than me.I am concerned about enviornmental issues , solar power, time travel, cryptozoology, cactus and xeriscaping. Fascinated by steam locomotives, old cars, antique tractors and sail boats. Intrigued by Lake Monsters, Nessie in particular.And I have to admit, really like tractor pulls! Is that not a strange combination of interests? Favourite movies All kinds of Star Trek and Star Wars, also old time Sci Fi movies.Even hokey ones,but really like classics like Forbidden Planet , mostly because of Robbie the Robot. And one must never forget the many incarnations of Godzilla! also miss Beauty and the Beast and Manimal.Oh, like Shrek and most Animated old Disney fairy tales. Also like some Amine and Manga, mecha and historical i enjoy most. Favourite books Jules Verne, Anne Mccaffrey, Arthur Conan Doyle,and yes, I admit it, when i was younger , Amimorphs!Classics of fantasy-Arabian Nights,Grimm's Fairy Tales, and Hans Christian Anderson.Also enjoy Native American tales and fables. In fact we enjoy reading fables and stories from cultures around the world. Favourite music Beatles, Dire Straights James Taylor, some Jazz and a lot of Blues. Actually , I have very eclectic taste in music, and enjoy Celtic, Classical and Techno as well as some Country , Polka, Western, Salsa, Chicken Scratch and a little Steam Punk. And if it's all electronic, I like it even better.Yeah, I know, I'm weird.