Jonathan Melius

My name is Jonathan Melius(as stated above). I am facsinated by comic/manga art, paintball and computer stuff. I read something from a book called The Anime Companion. It said 'No race has eyes as big as those sported by many anime and manga chacters! Then why are their eyes so big? The credit, or blame, for this is often laid at the feet of Disney studios since they were so greatly admired by Tezuka Osama, the man who did so much to make manga and anime widely accepted in Japan. But actually if you look at other U.S. and European animation from the early days you will see similarities in eye size in such characters as Betty Boop and Felix the Cat. Big eyes are simply part of the history of animated stories.' Keep this in mind when next you here someone bash an anime artist because anime may have its roots closer to you than you think. *update* Right now I am stuck in a big bad art block that I can't seem to get out of. I'm also trying to evolve my style to utilize 3d studio max. Maybe that will spark something, but right now is no good. Suck! Thanks for dropping by though. *** I'm gearing up a Zone Gallery here real soon! I'm kind of in a Sci-Fi phase right now.