Maria Masterson

I have resurrected myself (yes, I do have that power), and am going to now make an effort to write stuff...again. I have been writing, it just hasn't been so much on the fantasy side lately. So I'm going to give it a go.  My name is Maria, obviously. I am now 16, not 14 anymore. It's been a while. I live in Suburban Paradise, Colorado. It's terrible. Music drives my world, reading enchants it, writing builds it. Favourite movies Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings, and The 10th Kingdom are definitely the two top ones. Favourite books The Mists of Avalon, His Dark Materials, Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter's not so bad. Favourite music Gah! Mostly everything. Favorites right now are Muse and Damien Rice.

Necromancer's Rant

Heheh. This is just a funny short story about a necromancer who is really tired of his life... Thankies so much to the nice Mod who liked my story. ^^ I was so chuffed cuz my page had only been up for a day. So thanks!!

Wings of the Fleeing : Part 2

Okies,'s part 2, not much else to say...

Wings of the Fleeing : Part 1

OK, this is another story that is broken up into parts. And I really don't know how many there'll be. Anyways, please don't ask about the title. All will revealed in time. (I think) So, just read. And comment. And give me constructive criticism please. But whatever you do.. don't ask. Just don't. Thanks. ^^

Fae's Death

Umm, this is just another short, sad poem that I wrote and, for once, felt like putting it up here. So...yeah. None of my other poems are really....Elfwood material, but this just happened to be so I put it on here! Oh, and just for the record, before anyone tells me that I can't write poems, I already know that. ^^

Another Account of Necromancer's Rantings

Well, its part three of Billy's absolutely WILD life. LOL. Enjoy!

Part One of Torturous Cure – The Bite

Well...well...not much to say about this really. It just popped up one day and I wrote part of it and then I finished it another day. Sorry it's so short, I hope to write more about it soon. :)

Mermaid's Cry or The Last Mermaid

Just a really short and really sad story that I wrote one cloudy day in May. I couldn't decide which title to choose so tell me which one you think is better. I am currently working on this to expand it to show more meaning, so that'll be up sometime next century. *grins*

Tribute to Randomness

Ok, well this isn't really the most random story I've written, but I felt like writing it. As everyone knows, I hate writing endings. They piss me off. So I just...didn't. For once. Enjoy!

Further Rants of a Necromancer

Well, I thought I'd expand on my idea of Billy the unappreciated necromancer. Basically in this one we're finding out that he obsesses about ungrateful customers and that *gasp* he is stingy! And that he isn't exactly the 'poor Billy' we thought he was. I guess you could say that this one is slower then the previous. At least I think slower is the right word. *scratches head* This is the first sequel I've ever written and I really hope it lives up to the previous one, because I know that sequels are often much worse. Anyway, tell me if you think it lives up to 'Necromancer's Rant'. ^^ I left it open for more expansion in case I decide to do the really unadvisable and write more about it...

Wings of the Fleeing: Part 3

Er, lets see. It's part 3. Sorry about the delay. I was really busy in Ireland. Well...Enjoy!