The Eye of Darg

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During the second age of the world, known as the Age of Tears, the elven race was divided by a bitter civil war. A disagreement over the use of the negative aspects of the elven psyche in order to harness the dark magic of the word, led to the division. Those seeking to tap into the powers of darkness became known as the shadow elves. After centuries of bloody war, these evil elves were driven north, and settled in the far northern wastelands of Agriana to found the huge city of Darg. This banner is Known as the Eye of Darg. The central device is derived from the ancient elven symbols for hate and forbidden knowledge. The four outer points also represent the four massive watch towers of Darg (also known as the Dread Spires) which stand watch on the four outer borders of the city itself. The eye in the centre of the banner is that of a serpent, and is a so placed as a mark of respect to the Shadow elves patron god of hate and deception, who often reveals himself in the form of a red eyed serpent. In further reference to their deity, the banner is edged with images of two serpents (further enforcing the duality of deception), between which stands an infamous splinter sword of the elite guard, the most feared of all shadow elf warriors. Since the birth of the elves, their race has been represented in the form of a single tear drop. The elves of Darg have perverted this tradition with the depiction of a droplet of blood instead, as a show of their contempt for their goodly elven cousins. (( I drew this banner from designs set down by my brother Sly, who is developing one of the evil elven factions of Agriana. The thing I love most about his design is that despite its simplicity, I think it still evokes a sense of dread and foreboding, which is very in keeping with who the banner is meant to herald. I really like the way the banner itself speaks about where and what the Darg elves are about and believe.))

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