Jackie Ozorio

Oo ee, oo aah aah, ting tang walla-walla bing bang! Oo ee, oo aah aah ting tang walla-walla bing bang!Over and out!

Demon of the Mires

Trying to explore the savagery of the werewolf mind, myself. Mindless destruction and all that.

A Rescue

Sometimes my dreams inspire me. I entered this in a competition, which had a limit of 1000 words. So I had to chop it down a LOT. Just letting y'all know it was much more detailed and expansive before I got out the proverbial shears. Oh, and I don't know how I went in the comp. I kind of forgot about it instantly after entering. :S

One Peaceful Morning

Hmm. I just realised I didn't write too much nancy fairy stuff. This be an attempt to discern the interaction between two different kinds of fay. I wonder what mischief they'll get up to next...

Life and Death

I don't know what brought this about. I suppose I was wondering how *IT* all pieced together, you know...whether or not Life and Death actually get along. And I wanted it to have a happy ending, because I was in a soppy mood.

The Undead

The second book in my crazy little trilogy! Have you read the first? Well, it probably doesn't matter if you haven't! I had a little inside help writing this one, which is why it might be a little different, a little crazier. I promise I'll try and write the third, the conclusion.

All in the Mind

Remember...it's ALL IN THE MIND. BWAHAHA. Huzzah for weirdness!


I like Rowan. :D The beginning of some character development, I think.

The Substitute

Ah, now here's an interesting one! I did this for a Gothic Horror English class, and I fell in love with the idea. The characters featured are based on my friends and I, but I've changed our teacher's name since I didn't get her consent to post it up on the net. This is the first little story in a trilogy, but I haven't got around to finishing the last one. You'll have to make do with the first two until I get my act together. Enjoy!

Soldier of the Moon

Attempt at a different style...try and guess what the narrator is. (Gee, Jackie, that'll be hard.)

Romeo and Juliet - A Parody

Obviously, a spoof of Romeo and Juliet. Done for an English writing folio. I swayed a little from the plot...but it was fun, all the same!

Not My Best Side

This is actually a Writing Folio I had to do for English. Not my best work, but my teacher liked it. It's based on a poem that I didn't write, called (oddly enough) 'Not My Best Side'. So, I'm just saying that this wasn't based on my own work, in case the author of the poem comes after me with a knife or something. There, I'm covered.