Jacqueline(Jackal) Pirtle

Hey, im a 17 yr. old girl. I like a lot of stuff, I love music (Cradle of Filth, Godsmack, Christian Death, Switchblade Symphony, Midnight Syndicate, Rancid, Addiction Face, and Tool are just a couple of thew bands I like), Dragons, gothic stuff, video and PC games, pink elephants(hehe), fantasy art, cartoons, FIRE!!!!!, poetry, books(expesally anything by Anne Rice) and other stuff... I draw a lot, mostly dragons, and write poetry. I get my ideas from books, other peoples art, the music I listen to (goth, alternative, hard rock, punk, a little techno, and metal), and movies. I hope you like my work. Laterz.



I was bored one day...

Grave Digger

one of my older poems, I kinda wrote it more like a song.

River of Death

This is the first poem I ever wrote. I wrote it when I was 12 so its not that good, but I figured i'd put it up anyway.

Dragon's Song

about the dragons, again one of my older poems.

Dark Angel

this is about an outcast, one who knows the truth about life, my guardian angel.


once again, I was bored one day...

Guardian of the Night

a poem/very short story about a gargoyle.

Downward Spyral

another of my older poems.


a newer poem I wrote. I was extremely depressed when I wrote this, as you can probably tell.


I was really depressed one day and I wrote this and it made me feel somewhat better.

Drawing Down the Moon

just another poem.

Another Lost Soul

one of my older poems, I was really depressed when I wrote it.

Voodoo doll

anotherone of my older poems about an 'innocent' little doll.