Jacquelyn Lopaz

Any way I love to draw Lain, Harry Potter Charactors, Inuyasha (not many of those pics yet) uuhhmmm Trigun (vash is hot) and I am working on Spirited Away stuff!!! Awwww well basically anything in General *gets evil* Yup yup Age: 15 (16 in SEPTEMBER) Gender: Female Location: Colorado USA HoBbIes: Drawing, reading, swimming, jogging, writing, sitting on my but browsing the internet :) Likes: Music, Looking at people's Fanart and well there other art, .. all my hobbies... erm... I like...... uhhh Mac and cheese (that will be the death of me) and I love my friends a whole bunch Uuuhhhhhh... When I figure out how to put links up that you can click the persons name and stuff I will put up my favorate artists... :)