This is an old gallery! I don't update this page, (as well as my Fanquarter page and my Story page) but I will keep it up as a gallery for my old stuff. More recent and future artwork can be found at my DeviantArt gallery. Thanks for visiting! I hope you like my stuff. Now here, go treat yourself to these amazing people. :D :Kristy Sjostrom (author)::Amie Hindson::TK Labus::Camille Kuo::Isca Lox::Chris Dien::Michelle Mayo::Nambroth::Stephanie Pui-Mun Law::Janet J E Chui::Cara Jane Mitten::Ursula Vernon: Nivbed - Justin Cherry, my hero.Socar Myles - Queen of rats. Rodents will rule someday. Artse - Fun Style with Shannon! Pros.Aes - Aysha, more addictive style! Furiae - my new world-devouring bone-tickling mind-twisting total favourite. Very inspiring! Chow.