Jacqueline Tanner

Hello, another bio update to prove that i am not dead just very busy! I am now 21! The big one! I am still in love with drama and writing but my passion for each has ebbed but my passion for life has not. I am now at university studying to become a psychologist though i am still not sure if this is the thing for me! I now am in a happy relationship for more than a year and he is the love of my life... or i hope hehe! My favourite authors include the incredible Tamora Pierce (her books aren't just for 'kids') Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials Series (they make me cry at the end) Isobelle Carmody (damn i want that last Obenywten book finished) David and Leigh Eddings (there is hardly many authors that match that dynamic team) Kate Forsyth (another great aussie fantasy writer) and quite a few more. I have nothing new on my page but i have decided to edit and delete a few things mainly because a lot of this stuff is old and the writing style is odd. I especially want to finish totem and place the ending (or part two) as part of a big story! I was very proud of that story when i first wrote it even though i wasn't entierly sure what it was about but now i know. I still have this story that i have had in the back of my head for a while and i have decided i would like to get it out there and write it down! Thanks for everyone that has commented on my page. If you hadn't noticed usually when someone comments on my page i like to return the favour so if you want a bit of free advice or someone to read your stories drop me a comment. I am sorry to those i didn't reply to when i when offline for a bit when i was super busy and i thankyou all for your kind comments! Cheers, Jac Favourite movies Harry Potter Series, Lord of the Rings series, Underworld, Matrix Favourite books Any and all Tamora Pierce books, Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials Series. Kate Forsyth's Witches of Eileanan and Rhiannon's Run! David and Leigh Eddings books (all of them that i have read i love) Favourite music Michael Buble! Anything jazzy or swing like!


A Love Tail

First off yes, i did use Tail instead of Tale for a reason, it isn't a spelling mistake. The ending may seem strange perhaps, but i think that sometimes you have to believe you were in love before you know you are in love.

The Water Nymph

This was the first fantasy writing i ever wrote. I was probably inspired by something i read or saw at Elfwood, as i am constantly. There is still something that annoys me about this poem, but when i go to change it i cannot seem to find it... hehe oh well.

The Last Guardian Angel's Conculsion

This is the second and the last part to my story The Last Guardian Angel. I quite liked the end though it changed three times before i was happy with it. Still think theres some problems so tell me what you think. Enjoy!


This is kind of written like a prolouge as its not quite a story. Though i am not sure what i want to do with it nor if it makes sense quite yet. I would love to hear opinions on it... it was all written in one go too which was great.

The Last Guardian Angel

This story started off with the inspiration of words that 'Everybody needs a Guardian' I was in the car on the way to the city and i kept repeating that first line over and over because i knew that this story could be a good one to write. This is a story set in a time like now but with Guardian Angels. Unfortunately this is only the first part, i only wanted one story but i like how this ended so i thought i would leave it there. Enjoy! Edit 5/12 Just made it easier to read... i didnt check for mistakes though!

Invisible Wisdom

This was the second story i ever wrote that was fantasy. I quite like this one, I introduced elements of poetry as well as story telling techniques that i think work well. Thankyou for your help in previous comments before the crash! *edit* changed the name to what it was before.


This is a different take on mermaids from the whole, beautiful woman, so nice and friendly and wonderful. Don't get me wrong, i love mermaids, they are one of my favourite fantasy creatures, this is just something that came out of my head hehe.


This story i wrote while i was overseas. I think it started in England and i finished it and rewrote it all in Italy. I quite like this piece. Its like a childrens story and i think thats why i like it... its so childlike and innocent. I needed to write a fairy story sooner or later...

Dragon Peak

This was the first ever fantasy short story i wrote. I am quite proud of it as it is a mixture of inspirations. First off i was majorly inspired by this picture here. If you read it you can tell i was inspired by this picture. The other inspiration for this story was the great way Kate Forsyth writes about Dragons in her witches series. The way they deal with them is very respectful and fearful all in one, and thats the view point i decided also to go with. Edit 5/12 I have edited it so its easier to read!


This story is very strange. It started off as a tribal type story but as i wrote it i knew it was much more than that. You can bring your own meaning to this, it is only the first part (notice how i have lots of first parts and no seconds... soon to change) and i am currently writing the second. Am i talking about the universe? Or people? Gods maybe? Or something completely different? I would love to see your interpretation as i love this story.

Just a Fool

This was done as a ten minute excersise at a forum i attend. Although the original had many mistakes and grammar errors, i eventually fixed it up. This is what came to me from the words Just a Fool.