Gina Canady Adler is a married mother of 3 currently living in  Virginia on the remains of a Victorian hotel. It has a very heavy influence on some of my current pieces. Picking up the pencil again back in December 2006 and returning to Freelance  in the sci-fi fantasy world of art. I also volunteer my time for SheVaCon SF&F as 2009 Chairwoman/AD/WM/MGL/FGL.  www.shevacon.org.  I have all ways been atracted to the art of the great masters, I'm currently trying to re-teach myself after several years of not picking up a pencil. I wan't to come as close to photo realizm as I possibly can get.  Now there are piece I am working on that are more of a cartoon/anime level as well just to keep my self well balanced.  As for my artistic background I have never had any formal art school traning outside of highschool, but even then I wanted to draw but didn't really know what direction to go in. I didn't find still life very exciting all though I always did well at it. It wasn't something I thought at the time was going to be a soild foundation for other things. My father is an artist by hobby and my aunt Debbie is an artist by profession. I have had some guidance by both, but most of it has been " nice, now go back and really look at the way you did this." OR " Now look at your object again from anouther angle and what do you see."  Who dosn't find it a bit frustrating when you think you have done your best piece yet .  As long as you go with the belief that you always have more learn to you will always improve. It is when you think your work is perfect that you stunt your own growth. That is something I keep in mind every day.  :D Answers to most asked questions: Yes I do commisson work please email me for more information.  For limited additon fine art prints and orginals please email me if  you are intrested. To see other pieces of my work, works in progress or scraps visit t my deviant art page @ http://jaderunya.deviantart.com/ Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my art, favorites and comments are most welcome but not exspcted. Also If I have left a comment on your art or fav'ed one of your pieces I do not exspect a comment in return unless you feel like leaving one.  Most Sincerely Gina   Newest piece compleated:  Kaite & R2KT seen in my deivant art account @ http://jaderunya.deviantart.com  New news:  March 8, 2010I was informed today that a website called polyvore is letting its users tag and take art from Elfwood and Deviantart members, without permission, without notice and allowing them to cut things up to make collage to sell as items and making a profit from true artist without payment to the orignal artists.    My art is MY ART!   It is copyrighted to me. My art is not free for public use. It is not free to be cut up and used on websites,sigs, collages or in any other form that does not have written permission from me to use.  I create my art by hard work and sell my art to help support my children.  I aprechate those who enjoy my work and do not steal my work.Hope your week is a creative one!!!!Gina