Deborah Wang

Hi. Name's here, I love to write. I'm crazy, insane, mentally unstable, take your pick; I've got lots more. Rather dry--sometimes sadistic--sense of humor. (Although some claim I have none at all. Don't listen to them. Deborah's always right.) Deborah also takes to referring to herself in the third person often, so don't let that throw you. Deborah's talking about herself. Anyway, I'm (ah, switch...!) a highschool freshman who wants out. I'm pretty much, generally, over-all, um, ishly weird. Wanna hear about the pink Plutonian sheep from Well, if you read my stuff, you're going to wish you -did-. ;) Have fun in my little corner of the Library. Read. Reviews are extremely appreciated. (That's down-on-knees begging along the lines of, 'Please please pleeeease comment,' in a very clever disguise of dignity. Just so you know.) Go. Read. Shoo.

Purest Taint--Chapter 1

That's right, the first installment was only a prologue. ;) Because I said so and because I'm too lazy to go edit it. Enjoy.

Purest Taint

Well, consider this a work-in-progress, dredged up from the insane regions of my brain. Let's see where it takes us, shall we? *g* Will be updated when there's anything to update with.

Purest Taint--Chapter 2 update after a really long nasty lapse in time.

Autumn Elves

Eh, just a short story inspired by the beautiful colors of the leaves this time of year. And my own little tribute to Shakespeare. ;)