Jeff Wilcox

Okay, so here's my little corner of Elfwood's Library... hmmm... rather cozy, I must say... needs a fireplace and a steaming cup of tea to go with it, though... yep, I'm Jeff, or NightHawk, or Jafet... don't really care which you call me. I'm definitely an elf-freak, the local name for those of us fey creatures who show our true colors in the face of social persecution. I really love writing, I guess I should say. I am currently workingon a novel titled 'Into Eternity' which will not be posted here, because this one is going to fight its way to some publisher's doorstep and scream, 'Publish me in paper, NOW!' Or something to that effect... For now, I'll post 'The Legend of Falconis' as I edit it. I started it last year, and might finish it by early 2004, because I'm putting it on hold for my other novels.*** Update *** My first novel, Rose Prophecy, was published in January 2007 by iUniverse.  It is a fantasy novel detailing the life and trials of a warrior elf, NightHawk Falconis, and his path of vengeance against those who wronged him deeply in the past.  Support a fledgling author by going here: Rose Prophecy at B&N and maybe purchasing a copy ;)  Thank you for your support and encouragement!

The Legend of Falconis, Ch 8 and 9

Two more chapters to add to the collection. I have actually now completed reencoding all the other parts, so they'll be up, too, although the story is not finished.

The Legend of Falconis, Ch. 6 and 7

Yes, it is ye tmore of this lovely novel... er, not so lovely, a mon avis but it seems to be getting some positive fedback (I'll never guess why) Enjoy!!!

The Legend of Falconis, Ch 12 and 13

More on the saga of NightHawk Falconis!

The Legend of Falconis, Ch 10 and 11

Meh, I'm running out of things to say here... if this was artwork I could at least give a description or tell how I was influenced i the making of it... oh, well. Enjoi!

The Legend of Falconis, Ch. 4 and 5

the next addition to the already-written-but-as-yet-unformatted saga of NightHawk Falconis and the feral Anglarrah Domyhdra. Wow, I seriously can't believe how long ago I wrote this! I'm going to be uploading a lot of this story in one go!

Mission Reflections--Steel Angel

This is a short story that has nothing to do with my other stuff, except for the book I'm going to write next, titled 'Steel Angel.' Heh, I love mechs... can you tell?

The Legend of Falconis, Ch 14 and 15

Okay, this one will be a little longer than the rest of the descriptions... This is the last part of the story that I have written, and, sadly, it will not get written (at least by me). I will, however, write a new version of this novel, titled 'Feathers of Steel' but will not post it here if it gets published in paper, which it hopefully will! I hope you have enjoyed my work up to here, and I hope you will enjoy whatever else I publish here in the future! Until next!

The Legend of Falconis, Ch. 2 and ch. 3

These are the second and third chapters that I have reformatted for Elfwood... such a PITA... anyway, once again with the excusing of the dopiness... but enjoy anyway! :)

The Legend of Falconis, Prologue and Ch. 1

This i the beginningof NightHawk's saga. Do note that if anyone ever sees another story about a white-haired elf named NightHawk, and the story isnot the same, it is still by me, cause I changed the story a bit recently, but haven't typed it yet. Oh, and please excuse amy 'dopiness' as I call it... gimme a break, I wrote it last year! Update August 2, 2006: Heh, thanks to those who have written their positive comments about this story on my site. Unfortunately, this story was never finished, but temporarily dropped, then written anew. I have a new version, titled, 'Rose Prophecy' that is finished and waiting to be published. I hope to have it out by the end of 2007 if at all possible.