Lo-borlan Tou'koule

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Jeff Wilcox

“Now, don’t forget to add 'kaz hain' between 'arrania tai' and 'seela sharihalon tos' or you’ll end up with a most unpopular hair color,” warned Lo-borlan. He waved his hands about and chanted, “Arrania tai kaz hain seela sharihalon tos!” The spell was one of illusion; a small dragon appeared in the air before the master. As Lo-borlan bent his will on it, the image swooped and flew about the room, startling students when the master sent it flying right through them. He dispelled it and turned to the students. “Now you try. And don’t forget the kaz hain.” The budding mages gave it shot. This one was a bit harder than the last illusion-type magic they had learned; this one moved wherever the caster willed it to go. Jafet muttered the string of words, “Arrania tai—” he lowered his voice “—Lo-borlan seela sharihalon tos.” A small flash ensued, and Lo-borlan’s hair promptly turned to straw, to the great amusement of the other students. Lo-borlan is Jafet's master, and he is Ingeloshouk. These mysterious People are the opposite of the Ingelohaerans, but they are good, unlike the similarly colored drow. Done with scratchboard and scratch knives.

Published More than a year ago

Category Fantasy

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