Christina Kniskern

Update: November 4: I sincerely apologize for the severe lack of updates here. I've been busy, busy with all sorts of stuff I wasn't aware of. Coding a ton at Lost Legends as well, where you can find me there pretty much daily as Tinaker. And my life has taken a slight turn in the opposite direction, so updates here may just be few and far inbetween. (In other words, I no longer have access to a fully functional scanner.) I'm seriously behind on art requests, offerings, and just started another art trade. So, if I forgot to draw a picture please let me know. I may have forgotten it, and I'm very sorry. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments because it really keeps me inspired to draw. Even just a one word comment can start my day off good. :) And I haven't been real active on Elfwood these days so I'm going to be slowly, and gradually, making my way to all of the Elfwood artists' galleries that have graced this gallery. Thanks again. My Summarized Biography I've been drawing all my life though recently anime welcomed itself, in early 2000, for me to draw. The majority of my inspirations come from my warped mind. I'd like to think I have a sick humour -- haven't met anyone who thought differently. I appreciate all types of criticism on my drawings. And, though I can notice flaws in my drawings, I cannot begin to imagine what others will notice. So I will be personally grateful if you left a comment or two. Miscellaneous InformationI've done one art trade and am in the process of doing two others. I'm always looking for fun art trades to do and I will never decline an offer for one. (I still have a digital camera, so the quality of the pictures will no longer be as clear but it's better than nothing.) And I've never done any commissions, but if you have money to blow maybe I can help out. I'm looking to get some Copic markers and a Wacom graphire3 tablet.