Eryk Jalowy

Bio huh? Yeah, I'm Bio... huh? I'm not mechanical... OH!! Ok, it's not that kind of Bio? Meh... Let's see... I like Final Fantasy, Zelda, Terranigma, anything(ANYTHING) that resembles Anime or Manga in the farthest sense, and games in general. Well, check out the art, there's not much here yet. And you could also visit my Lothlorien gallery! There are several pics there. Oh yeah, I'm Evil Undead Ninja #45! Uncle Damned says, 'The Evil Undead Army wants YOU!' Join the ranks of the EUNA today for the low, low one time fee of your mortal soul! Info from Overlord(Jen)'s gallery... MWAHAHAHA... .> ~Jen 'sukieo' Bamford, the Overlord!!! Well, hope you like my stuff. Please, PLEASE visit my Homepage, too! ~NEWS~ Update! There should be 2 new Moogle Job Series pics, and one Xeigrich pic.(June 2003) ~REQUESTS~ none, feel free to request!