Hello, my name is... well it's on the page. Erm, i am an English Art Student, who is somewhat insane and 3vil, but is great any way. I am Currently Studying: Foundation Diploma in Art at Braintree College Things to know about me: 1, I love Anime, odd films that no one really watchs in essex, eating popodoms, cabbits and anything else that takes my fancy 2, I love Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, Dragonball Z, Flint the time Detective, Digimon, Shinzo, Card Captors, Medabots(yes i know thats very sad) Escaflowne, Perfect Blue, Macross Plus, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Martian Succsesor Nadesico, Ghost in the shell, Blood: The last Vampire, Shadow Skill, Cowboy Be-bop, Outlaw Star and some other stuff that i can't be bothered to write. 3, Non anime-ish films and Tv Programmes i like include: Spaced, Red Dwarf, Stargate, Americian Beauty, Human Traffic, Shrek, League Of Gentlemen (Are you Local?), Absolutely Fabulous, Eastenders (Although thats very annoying at the moment), Six feet under, Scrubs, St Trinian films and a whole other bunch of stuff which would warp most normal peoples minds. 4, you can call me anything you want, just not Jenny. You can call me Spooner, Washu, Insane (i get that one qutie a lot) or my fave Redundant Goddess. I just really don't like the name Jenny. I hate that name! My father can't even spell it right! 5, I love/Adore Muse ( British Rock Group )and basicly anything that doesn't sound townie-ish (E,G) S-Club 7 or So Solid Crew. But Tenacious D are becoming a fast fave of mine. Who can resist the charm or 'Tribute' Or 'Wonder Boy'? 6, I i am very hard on myself, so please feel free to pass judgement on my work! i really do like people leaving messages and notes on my page. so please feel free to do so. Artist note or rather rant: Hey hey! Long time no see. I havem't updated in awhile. Mainly because I haven't really had anything good to up date with. However. I have a few bits that I think are worthy of the Elfwood Veiwing pubilc. So I am putting them up and since those lovely people who run this fantastic gallery have merged Zone and Loth together, it means I can put some of my other works up without having to get another account! Brilliant. Any way, enough of me. Please, enjoy and I'll see you next time. PIES! Word of the Momment: 'Wings ' Love Jennifer! ^_^