J. Meyers

I will no longer be updating this account, though I will check back here from time to time. For all of my friends who are hard-core Elfwood enthusiasts, I apologize. But when a picture gets rejected for having runes in it (which apparently isn't couth on an English-only site), and another picture gets rejected for not being "fantasy enough" when it clearly depicts an elf and it's stated in the description that it's for a FANTASY-BASED rpg book, it's just ridiculous.  Such things I've tried to upload here were accepted with no problem whatsoever in the past, I don't know why the change so suddenly. Guess I'm behind the times; I'll take my work elsewhere.So, for art updates, go to my other site: jamberry.deviantart.com.Thanks for a nice few years, Elfwood. Favourite movies The Lord of the Rings, The Little Prince, Emperor's New Groove, Willow, The Last Unicorn, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo!, Star Trek Favourite books The Last Unicorn, The Golden Fool, Nine Layers of Sky, The Snows of Jasper, The Left Hand of Darkness, Flesh and Silver, The Blade Itself Favourite music Soundtracks, rock and roll, oldies, instrumental, classical, ethnic