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Topknot's home last sec

Tasren and Topknot bid goodbye to Toya's family end of story

Topknot's home sec14

Toya introduces Tasren to a very special woman

Topknot's home sec13

Tasren awakes from a poison dream and he and Toya conyinue the sword training

Topknot's home sec12

Tasren awakes from the assassin's poison.  He and Toya continue training

Topknot's home sec11

elvish assassin's attack and the tratior shows himself

Topknot's home sec10

Elvish assassin's attack

Topknot's home sec9

Tasren's and Topkonot's friendship deepens in this short character building section

Topknot's Home sec8

Topknot and Tasren arrive at Topknot's village where he is greeted as the lord, only to receive very bad news

Topknot's Home sec.7

  In this section you get to know Toya and Topknot a little better as they continue the journey to Toya's home.

Topknot's Home sec. 6

In this sec. Tasren the ranger retrieves the girl's village stone from the goblins.

Topknot's Home sec. 5

Tasren, the half elf ranger prepares to retrieve the holy stone by stealthily invading a goblin camp.

Topknot's Home sec. 4

Tasren, the half elf, and Toya save a girl from goblins and decide to helprecover her healing stone. 

Topknot's Home sec 3

Topknot and Tasren travel towards Topknot's home and Tasren learns some of the fighting style of his friend. A short conecting section.


July and Cassandra, two cat's, protect thier humans from a demon in an old ruined well.  You'll enjoy this, I think.