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Oh boy this is gonna be a long one. Well this monster has a interesting story behind it. One day I was in English class, and I noticed these lines on my desk. They must have been made by someone for no reason, and I decided to trace them on a paper and try to make somthing out of it, I was bored. Well the head, neck and one arm is what I traced and I went from there. I wanted it to be a cute little thing like Pikachu, but to be ferociouse too. Now even though it is a cute litle creature it is extremely dangerouse. As I finished the drawing I decided I was still bored and made up a history about it. These are the things I wrote down. 'Tamed shortly after the day of lose (the day of lose was a day when the civilazation of the world similar to ours now was lost in a huge world war) they were used in the wars reigning from 1 Dal, to 205 Dal (Dal means Day after lose). Although still used after that time they soon became protectors of home and also still remained war animals. They make good freindly faithful companions that will die if you will live from their death. They may look cute and all but they are extremly dangerouse and ferouciouse, they live in Hols (like a wolf pack) they are very feirce fighters, known to be able to defeat serpentine draggons in a Hol of 20-50 50 being the largest recorded number of a pack but the groupd was in 2 different smaller groups. They are fast runners being able to go up to 35 MPH. They have a very powerful bite that can be locked on with a special bone in their jaw. Their razor sharp claws are able to cute often through chainmetal. They are known for great agility, and being able to move very quickly in VERY small spaces. And they seem to fight like humans in many aspects, as they use punches and kicks, but along with their claws. They are such great fighters that one of these monsters has been known to kill without difficulty 3 men in full body armor, the reason they are such great fighters is their small size, but their quickness and razor sharp claws.' Now alot of stuff has been changed there but still. Oh there is a interesting destintion between the sex's Males have black claws and females white claws. They are usually 3-4 feet tall and live about 40 years. They come in three specific species, the reds, whites and blues. reds have red colored fur and orange like manes, blues have blueish fur and purpleish manes, and whites have white fur and black manes. Thats about it. Now if you read all of that I THANK YOU ALOT, I mean thats alot of stuff to read, so thanks about finding out about my cute little creation. *If you are female you get a hug, if you a guy you get a handshake*

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