I am a 26 year old graphic designer from Alaska. I enjoy drawing fantasy of all sorts, I study anatomy a great deal. I have recently gotten into watercolors as a favorite medium, on top of pencil, pen and ink, and (prismacolor)markers. I color sometimes in photoshop, although I'm not that good at it, but getting better as I learn new tricks. I am influenced by the works of Travis Charest, Drew Stuzan, David Mack, Adam Hughes, Jae Lee, Norman Rockwell, Alex Ross, and J.G.Jones, to name but a few. I was always more of a science fiction guy and most of my art here so far has been high fantasy, so in an effort to get back to my roots, you will start to see more sci-fi related subject matter. I hope you leave feeling inspired, and by all means, if you like anything you see, leave me comments, I like seeing what people think of my art (good or bad, I take it all into account). Thanks for stopping by. ~Jamin