Jamie Juett

Recently I've been into depressing poetry...I gave up on the two stories I was writing, I found them boring. I figure if I found them boring more than likely everyone else did too. I've started on a more interesting story/comic book and hopefully it will make its premiere on here pretty soon. Anyway, if your already feeling down I suggest you skip over this page cuase this will make it worse. Thatsabout it.

Are you listening?

about a girl who fall's in love with the wrong guy...why's he the wrong guy? you'll just have to wait until Im done with it to find out...

Unamed-part one

the story of a young girl born under horrible conditions. Abducted by a merciful elf she grow's up ignorant of her past...

Unamed-part two

oh no...Tipha's getting kicked out of her village!