5/22/04 zzzz... What huh? Update... I purged the gallery, Sick of having a billion piccies here. I'm going to add some new stuff. All QoD related. net access is spotty...zzz Zarek(again) Ereshkigal and Angeni Orchid(sketch pahse) Lovers I'm 19 years old and live in Springfield, Missouri. I've been drawing for about 7 years. Mmm.... oh Wait a sec I guess you wanna know something about me? Well I go to school full time and some how fit in drawing writing and running a RPG around that. Feel free to send me a message in AIM, just tell me this is where you got the info. I love art trades and character trades! Any excuse to draw more! Plus check out my rpg at http://www.geocities.com/janaemarnie/qod/index.html Also please go look at the work of these nifty artists, you won't regret it. Valarie Nicharico> My 'big sister' Amanda M. Whipple> My 'little sister' Sadie>A good freind and great artist! Shelby J Martin >Paws, nuff said. Have fun looking at my stuff and please leave a comment.