Jana Weijers

Hi, my name is Jana. I don't do fanart very often, so this gallery will nog be so big as my f&sf gallery. I prefer to work on my own stuff, and enjoy working that out more than I do with fanart. As a kid, I loved Transformers. Ironhide was one of my favorites. I had a period in wich I was crazy about Dragonball Z. I even had an email roleplaying story about it. Some drawings in here are from that period and I still like them. I also love to read. Most fanart about books is in my f&sf gallery, and onley my Harry Potter fanart is in here. For some reason I drew Draco a lot, although he is not the character I like most. I just like to draw him best, I guess. I also loved to play world of warcraft for a while: I have an orc warrior, an orc hunter and a tauren shaman. All female because I am female myself. I like fantasy, books, bicicling through nature, my husband, daughter and cats, drawing Favourite movies Star Trek, Stargate, Labyrinth, Shrek Favourite books the Dune series, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Raymond Feist Favourite music Meat Loaf, Pink, Nightwish, Shania Twain