Jared MacPhee

God lord I it's been forever since I've really done anything Elfwood. I've been sorta drawing more random fantasy stuff lately though, so thought i'd get back into posting here.  I also felt kinda sad not using elfwood, since it was my very first foray into the world of art on the internet and helped me alot as a youngin'. I'm happy it's still around. I like Your general run of the mill Nerd assortment. Favourite movies LOTR. Dragonheart. Avatar! Willow. whatever, there's alot... Favourite books wheel of time, abhorsen trilogy. drizzt stuff. shannara before it got all crappy and serialized. LOTR... and more, but im lazy. Favourite music dragonforce, kamelot, rhapsody "of fire", blind guardian, linkin park, nightwish, globus, and friends!