Katherine Somerville

Hi, my name is Katherine Somerville, but you can call me Kaze (rhymes with maze.) I write and draw in my spare time. My most common subject is my superhero charecter from the comic I never get around to working on. Her name is Dragonite, and she's gonna be on my gallery alot, along with her friends, co-workers, and various enemies. Thanks for visiting my Gallery, feel free to ask questions and post comments. I love constructive critism. Ok major update this time. Most of my best art pre-elfwood was on lined paper, and didn't take well to being de-lined. Most of the stuff you've seen so far has been second rate work. Since I joined, I've been working almost exclusively on white paper. Some of this is still not perfect, but you should notice a marked improvement in quality. For those of you new to my gallery, the new pic is Guarding the Grave.