Jashen So

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There's not much I want to say here, but if you want, you can read my autobiography at my site. So, thanks to those who have read what is here, and thanks to those who took the time to comment and point out things. To everyone: take care of yourself. I am writing again. But it's not for here, sorry.


Path to December (Chp 5)

Sypher's journey cont. Remembering the past.

The Path to December

This is a story about an assassin in training, who is thrown into a wild adventure and discovers painful truth and a whole lot of new people.

The Path to December (Chp 4)

Sypher's journey cont (part 3)

The Path to December (Chp 3)

Sypher's journey cont (part 2)

The Path to December (Chp6)

Sypher's journey cont