Jasmine Pang

'Weirdness is the absence of normality, while normality is theabsence of weirdness.' That's what I always use to cover up when I hear 'normal' people question my 'weirdness'. To them, at least. Don't worry, I'm just a normal, 13-year-old from Singapore who's struggling with the usual problems in school. I prefer writing mystics far more than art, I'll be putting up a gallery when my scanner kicks into action.

Elemental Divine

Cleo kind of inspired this - at least my dream about her and Mark Antony triggered it off. Somehow that scene was somewhat ironical, though it really did happen in true life.


About my super class wannabe controller-cum-robot-sorceress, whom my friends and I nicknamed 'oil'. Though I hope she hasn't noticed the Seven Deadly Sins yet...

Window to the Soul

I didn't plan to write this poem, I started off writing the last verse, then the rest...just came? Blame it on the exams...

Work of Art

Inspired during one of my reccess-time-romps at the oh-so-forbidden area behind the school. I could just feel something there...