Jason Ellis

Drawing is something I do for pleasure, and here I have sought simply to enjoy myself. Be thankful that I have banished my serious side to far realm of Wyvern; there it scrawls tortuously amongst the cobwebs, seeking, perhaps in futility, to unlock the mystery of words and the paths through them to those other worlds which lie in the mists and maelstrom of my mind. Well, the best way to get to know me is to have a wander around my little part of the woods here. And if that doesn't satiate your curiousity about this mysterious little Aussie, then you can track me through the woods. Here are some galleries where you are likely to pick up my trail: Niina the Elfsoul My little sister. Her art has soul; her dragons are magic~* Maja of the Magic Pastels A master/mistress of pastels and my mentor with the chalk~* Queen Viktoria She's tall, she's naked, she's Swedish... & she's a good buddy~* Karlossus Go check out Karley's angels... One smooth Welshman~* Master Of The Mark A magician who can turn graphite into gold. Now in colour!~* Tintarella Di Luna A little, moon princess of abstract dreamings~* Meg At Work A female member of my species. Beaut Inks!~* Sorceress Sophelia of the Brows A gallery that deserves more visits... enter warily!~* Anarchy in the EW A vibrant artist and a gracious lady~* Posh Succubus Talks poshy and eats boys hearts, but nice art =)~* Colour Volatile This is what I call fantasy in colour~* Count Vire Has a taste for b....lack ink!~* Stijkly Sylven Graphite, Colour, and Bubbles~* Art of Anttonnen Tonnes of evocative fantasy~* Perennial Patricia Art that has endured the seasons of the woods~* Shining Outi Funky and Spunky!~* Baby Goth Pia The baby of the family - an elfwood prodigy~* Molten Lisa Luscious CG, believe me~* Tawonda, Queen of the Amazons Let your eyes wander over to Tawonda~* Lord Antti Lord of Dark Oils and CG~* Immonen Zone Glowing Crayons!~* Special thanks to Joel, for his support & encouragement. =).