Jason Pretorius

I'm currently just finishing my last year of school, so hopefully I'll have more time to do what i love to do, write and read fantasy. One of my long term goals is to aid in the design of computer role playing games, with either Interplay or Bethesda Software.



This is a poem about one of the characters that i am yet to develope in my story. He has just become a master with the long sword.


The poem gives an insight into a town within my story, showing the town's blacksmith struggling to protect his family from an onslaught of Orcish invaders.


This is just an opening paragraph to my story I am currently writing, giving a small insight into the history of the area. It can be read at http://www.drongoman.cjb.net/story.html

Desire for Power

Another poem about a character i am yet to add to my story. This character is training to grasp his inner potential, to become great in the field of magic.