Jayde Hilliard

Few things are as bright and beautiful as they appear on the surface; nothing is quite as dark or terrifying as it looks at first glance. In my work I explore the light side of dark, the dark side of light, the demons we all try to ignore, and beauty we just cannot seem to live without. However, if you ask me in person about what I paint, I'll likely tell you 'I paint whatever the hell I want,' and smile. Born in 1985, I discovered my muses at an early age. I achieved many awards and honors with my work before earning my associate's degree in art in 2006. My inspirations include fashion, music, horror movies, nature, and things often misunderstood.  My work can be further viewed and/or purchased at www.jaydehilliard.com I like Horror movies, fashion, music, cars. Favourite movies Legend, Knight Rider, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Dr. Phibes, Zombieland, stuff like that. Favourite books Mickey Zucker Reichert's Renshai series. Favourite music Metallica, Zztop, Horrorpops, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Stray Cats, Rob Zombie, And One, Otep, Nightwish, Pantera, Sugarland, The Creepshow, Aerosmith, Billy Idol, Koffin Kats, stuff like that.