Hi! I'm only going to start this for the moment and update it later. Name is Julie. Alos known as Jayena, Kannah, Aneya, or Zellie. Depending on your circle. I'm still a senior in highscool. Only five months left! Right now life pretty much revolves around school and my many intrests, I play three instruments, flute, guitar and piano, I draw, I write, lean a little more heavily on the writing, but I like to draw a lot to. My current favorite medium is any type of paint, even though I don't get to work with it too often. I want to do desgin and writing for a carreer. Yep... I listen to a lot of music and read a lot, so I'm a pretty book wormy kid. I take spanish, though I'm not too good at it. Pretty much just waiting for the next phase of life to kick in. Um...should be it for now!