Anthony Rodriguez

                            I'm 15 and I live in the bronx, My occupation:11 grade. Thats all there is to know. I'm too lazy to write a proper bio so...bios are long and boring anyways, wait a minute I just told you some 'bout myself, I don' like to write  bios.                             Anyways take some cookies, grab some milk an' read away, and if you by any chance leave any thing greusom, Don' leave an email address. Constructive criticism is greatly obliged however._________________________________________________Wow that was a long time ago, I'm 17 now but have less time to write I'll add something when I can                                  Thank you for visiting, and yes this bio is too long.No?

1.To The End:I Love You

Edited, stilll with plenty of punctuation errors...I think

0.To The End: Spell Book

This is the spell book I created so the moderaters would let me publish this story.

2.To The End: Let Me Die

Come on help me out here.