Revelation Assault Airship

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Morgan Jenkins

This is a concept of the Revelation Heavy Airship from my scifi/fantasy "Scars of Gaia"After a strategic review by the Royal Needlehelmian Air Force conducted found that pirates are noticing the strategy of the Royal Needlehelmian Armed Forces to defeat them by the primary use of ground forces - their main concern was tanks and began creating strongholds in impassable terrain, the only way to reach them is by air - it is too risky to send helicopters with soldiers in, they can be easily shot down - it was then thought that prehaps heavily armed and armoured airships could do the job of defeating these pirate strongholds high in the mountains.A request to the Ministry of War And Defence for a heavy multi role aircraft was put in and accepted, and later on Royal Engineering Lid came up with an airship design that was nicknamed "The Hammerhead" by the engineers because of the distinctive wider forward bulkhead, the official name given by the Royal Needlehelmian Armed Forces was "Revelation".The Revelation began life 14 years prior to the war with the Terranians, this weapon can be used against ground, naval and air targets, armed with long range weapons which consists of two Harpoon Heavy Missile launchers (which can be constructed in the forward bulkhead of the airship), two new heavy railguns, two short-barrelled heavy plasma guns, sea sparrow anti air missile launchers, five 30mm AA Gatling cannons and two 14.5mm machine bolters (equipped with searchlights and used for shorter ranged targets)After the war against the Terranians broke out and after a string of defeats, the fleets of Revelation airships was recalled from defending the wall - The crew of one Revelation airship, "HMAS Halford" took it upon themselves to gain a victory for the Kingdom of Needlehelm by destroying a Terranian camp, the Harpoon missiles made short work of the camp's defences and the railguns blazed the way for "HMAS Halford" towards the camp, Wyrm dragons tried to destroy "HMAS Halford" but were shot down by the Gatling cannons and AA missiles. By the time "HMAS Halford" reached the Terranian camp, the heavy plasma cannons shot at the unusual Terranian constructs and the heavy machine bolters gunned down as many creatures as the operator could target.King Harold was so impressed with "HMAS Halford" that he gave the airship the flag that indicated the "Order of the King" (this flag gives a fighting unit permission to lead assaults), it is mostly Revelation airships that are given the "Order of the King", the navy has three types of ships that can be granted the "Order of the King" and no army unit as of yet can be given the "Order of the King" (until the X-12 LAV comes into service)

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