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This is a concept of two Nagas (A female and a male) for my scifi/fantasy story, Scars of GaiaThe Naga are elves who live in caves in the deserts of Terra who evolved into Nagas, their snake-like bodies allow them to easily navigate through the deep, dark caves, they also possess high strength to capture and eat they pray. Their heads have become larger to consume their pray whole. Female nagas carry their eggs inside of them for four months where afterwards they lay their eggs in Naga pits and will often take care of their children until the age of fourteen, where the adolescent Naga has a choice of joining the Terranian Militia.Nagas use to be just as distrusted as Hydras a millennia ago, as they were often accused of abducting small Terranian species while travelling alone, but they are now consume the small, careless gretchins (whose population was the prize after the guild war in the world of Terra, the guild war was a massive conflict between the order of the Holy Temple of Terra and the Orc Alliance, the orcs now live in the desolate northern regions in the world of Terra)Needlehelmian soldiers fear the Naga, the Naga could burst through the ground, knocking them off their feet, the fate of a soldier could be either being crushed by the Nagas body crashing on top of him, being squeezed to death, having poison magic casted upon him, or their worst nightmare, been eaten whole, alive, where it is said, that it would take hours to die as they are being painfully digested and suffocated within the Naga.Needlehelmian soldiers often require counselling after witnessing a Naga consume a fellow soldier and friend, soldiers now often arm themselves with bolter pistols, so when they are picked up by a Naga to be consumed, if they drop their main weapon, they could try and use a bolter pistol and shoot the Naga in the mouth - there have been a few instances where soldiers have chucked grenades down the mouth of a Naga, and fired a missile from a launcher down the mouth of a Naga.Nagas could better resist bolts, rockets and tank shells by casting a spell that literally hardens their skin, they do this instead of casting shell magic as a shell would prevent them from burrowing underground.The Needlehelmians have found that the concrete paving that they use in bases acts as a barrier against the Nagas, and at the present time, the only counter the Needlehelmians have against these huge snake-elves. Nagas can also prove a threat to light vehicles, but are almost useless against armoured tanks - some tanks have resorted to rolling over the tail of a Naga which severely injure them, it was once witness that an X-12 LAV supertank rolled over the tail of a Naga, the weight of the supertank literally cut the Naga in half.Plasma based weaponry seems to work better against Nagas, even if they cast magic to harden their skin - many officers are now requesting that at least one soldier is armed with a man-portable plasma cannon.

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