Redeemer Battleship concept

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Morgan Jenkins

This is a concept of a Redeemer battleship for my scifi/fantasy story, Scars of Gaia.The Redeemer is the largest sea ship in the Royal Needlehelmian Navy, it is a revolutionary design, the ship is run by mostly computers and has a compliment of 60 sailors.Design started off ten years before the war, the invention of the Gauss cannons by Humeral Naval Shipbuilding and Armaments was cause for excitement, the Redeemer is essentially a refit of an older design, with the hull being the only feature left unchanged. The Redeemer is armed with twelve 16inch Naval Gauss cannons, which can fire over twenty miles away, an additional five miles over the old style cannons, for close range defensive combat, the Redeemer is armed with eight turrets (for on each side) armed with two 5.5inch naval cannons - a main criticism to the defensive design is that the guns can only fire from the broadside of the sea ship, and can be outflanked if attacked from the front or the rear. The Redeemer was designed to singlehandedly combat a flotilla of pirate sea ships, in addition, the sparrowhawk AA missiles can combat pirate airships that compliment the flotilla of sea ships and seven 30mm close in Gatling cannons if the pirate airships are directly above them. The Redeemer can also attack land targets such pirate villages set up on the numerous small islands 200 miles away from the Marchian coastline.Targets out of range of the Redeemer are attacked by the Blackswift cruise missile that has a range over 300 miles and carries a 500lbs warhead.Naval commanders also have the option of retrofitting the Redeemer with heavy plasma guns, although the range will be less than the big naval Gauss cannons, the explosion yield is much higher, and with the volatile nature of plasma coming into contact with water, it is a better weapon against a flotilla of sea ships.When the war with the Terranians began, Redeemer captains found themselves under the command of battlefield commanders, where usually they are assigned a mission to carry out singlehandedly. While the close In Gatling cannons did well when it came to defending themselves from flying Terranian creatures, there was no room to add any defence against sea creatures, and now Redeemer battleships have to be escorted by frigates, submersible warships and destroyers - the Redeemer is about matched by the Kraken (when it comes to sea combat) and the Leviathan (when it comes to attacking costal targets).

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