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This is the Sparrowhawk ADA (Air Defence Aeroplane) from my scifi/fantasy story, Scars of Gaia.The Sparrowhawk was designed to be a rapid response aircraft for the Royal Needlehelmian Air Force to get to a location as fast as possible to combat pirate airships, the aircraft is revolutionary, Royal Aero Corp PLC was experimenting with wing geometry when it came to speed, it was suggested by an engineer "Why not have all wing geometries on one aircraft", he was later branded a fool, until he gave a presentation on variable wing geometry, where Royal Aero Corp PLC was interested in the proposal.Seven years before the war with the Terranians, the first Sparrowhawk was constructed and took off. The Sparrowhawk ADA is powered by a ramjet and takes off with its wings spread out to gain maximum lift, because of the nature of the ramjet, it had to be launched like by rockets while positioned on a launch rail at a 60 degree angle. When it positioned its wings at 45 degrees, it managed to go twice the speed of sound, but when it positioned its wings at a full 90 degrees, it recorded speeds over Mach 4 thanks to the ramjet, but the pilot found the aircraft hard to manoeuvre when the wings are at 90 degrees.The ramjet has been used with many aircraft for experimental purposes over the 50 years since its invention but was never previously adopted for combat aircraft, the Sparrowhawk is the only combat aircraft with this type of ramjet, and may be the last if the Royal Aero Corp has its way because of the succes of the turbo-ramjet with the Kestrel VTOL aeroplane - it has even been proposed to modify the Sparrowhawks ramjet into a turbo-ramjet, but that hasn't been on the drawingboards yet.The Sparrowhawk entered service with the Fortress Wall Air Defence squadrons, this aeroplane became the first aircraft for young pilots to fly - there was many discipline problems as the young pilots loved to set the wings at 90 degrees and travel over Mach 4 - many times this has proved fatal as the young pilots lose control of their aircrafts and with the low manoeuvrability of the aircraft when the wings are at 90 degrees, unable to regain control and crash.Because of the many fatal accidents, before young pilots could take control of the Sparrowhawk ADA, they were given initial disciplinary lessons on the importance of not letting adrenalin get the better of their judgement and stated that the Mach 4 capability was to get to the combat zone as soon as possible.When the war began, the Sparrowhawk found itself combating dragons who flew over the speed of sound, modifications were made so the aircraft could manoeuvre as best as possible when the wings are at 40 degrees, Royal Aero Corp was still unable to solve the manoeuvring problem when the wings is at 90 degrees.The Sparrowhawk ADA is armed with twin 20mm cannons and a additional 20mm Gatling cannon, also the wings can carry all AA missiles, long range, medium range and short range missiles as well as a pod for Cobra micro missiles.

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