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Concept of a Cecaelia for my scifi/fantasy storyCecaelia are aquatic Terranian sorceresses who are half elf-woman half octopus, she is feared by the Needlehelmian forces on costal bases, she can call a tsunami with the power of her trident. Her ability to cause tsunamis can kill Needlehelmian soldiers, destroy light vehicles, damage heavier vehicles and buildings as well as capsize small ships apart from the Phalanx Trimaran Frigate and heavy study warships and submersible ships, although the tsunami can run them aground, effectively putting them out of use.She has the ability to grab up to eight soldiers off the shore or marine divers and squeze them to death, and she can shoot balls of energy and use a water attack to knock her enemies to the ground. It has been known that Cecaelias have boarded ships (even military ships) to destroy their engines, killing anyone in her path with either her trident (as a melee weapon or using energy balls) or squeeze them to death (It is thought by the Needlehelmian Intelligence Committee that Terranians can see energy signatures of engines) - It has been observed that, like the Sirenia, Cecaelias have difficulty infiltrating lower decks of ships because the size of the creature (Cecealias can grow up to 20 ft in length)Cecaelias are extremely vulnerable to depth charges and imploding torpedoes (where the implosion causes a violent change in water pressure causing internal injuries and external lacerations), it is unknown why bolters does little damage to the Cecaelia (perhaps due to the thick rubber like skin, but above the rubber-like skin above the breast line is more normal and sailors and marines are told to shoot there) although the submersible ship's Close In Gauss Guns does considerable damage to Cecaelias wherever the Gauss flechette hits.Cecaelias reproduces with Adaros (the only male Terranian sea creature) and produces twice the eggs as the Sirenias, Cecaelia eggs can hatch Adaros or Cecaelias and will nurture them until the age of 14 where they have a choice of joining the Terranian Aquatic Militia - they are considered the most enigmatic of all the Terranian sea species as it is unknown why they have evolved like an octopus and why they were granted the power to cause Tsunamis and cast a shell spell by the sea dragon spirit. Their favourite habitats are small purple-crystal decorated caves, but usually these decorated caves can be seen by Needlehelmian submersible ships where they can attack it with torpedoes.  

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