X-12 LAV (Land Assault Vehicle) concept

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This is a concept of the X-12 Land Assault Vehicle for my fantasy/scifi story.The X-12 LAV is the newest kind of tank for the Kingdom of Needlehelms armed forces, this vehicle was designed to take on the might of the Terranians who seek to destroy the Kingdom of Needlehelm, this vehicle, even though it is still in its prototype stages has seen combat. Powered by a specially designed plasma reactor (ass opposed to plasma fuel batteries) and armed with the latest in Needlehelmian technology, it aims to prove that high technology of Needlehelm is superior to the magical abilities of the Terranians. New to tank technology is the introduction of Gauss cannons, a weapon that uses a three stage coil accelerator to propel 150mm slugs across the battlefield, the X-12 is equipped with two of these known as Arbiters. In addition to the twin Gauss cannons, the X12 is armed with twin Swift AA/AG missile launchers that is attached to the side of the turret, a sure way of deterring the most daring of flying creatures.The commander of the tank has access to a 14.5mm Heavy Machine Bolter on top of his copula to combat enemy mages at close range. (it was originally intended for railguns instead of Gauss cannons, but railguns requier too much power which even the tank's plasma reactor cannot give)A positive side effect from the Gauss cannon slug when the weapon was first demonstrated is that when the projectile is fired from the weapon, the slug is heated up that when it hits its target, it explodes throwing heated metal everywhere - the projectile now consists of a solid magnetic outter membrain and a soft metal core so when the slug hits the target, the soft metal core would heat up and turn into molten metal, and when it explodes, the targeted Terranians will be showered with molten metal - these shells are a constant threat to the Terranian Metadragon gargoyle and others arround it.The X-12’s inventor, Dr. Richard Kipling suffered from alcohol problems when the entire first batch of X-12 Mk.1 were destroyed at the battlefield test facility at mapeleaf fields (which was situated close to the front lines), the X-12 Mk.1 was meant to be tested in the battlefield against the Terranians. The test facility was destroyed when the Terranians infiltrated behind Needlehelmian lines and set an encampment, the commander of the facility, Cmdr Ronnie Burton, was caught by completely by surprise – even though there were other vehicles available to him, he sent out the X-12 Mk.1 tanks out – after a fierce battle between the Needlehelmian tanks and the Terranian strike force, the test facility was finally destroyed along with all the X-12 Mk.1 prototypes and Cmdr Ronnie Burton was killed. Dr. Kipling was away that day from the test facility in a conference on the progress of the prototype tanks.Dr. Kipling became depressed and went on to alcohol which eventually ended him up in an institution for four years, he was eventually let out to carry work in Royal Engineering, working on improving vehicle based plasma generators, as soon as he got back, he decided to look at the X-12 project, his superiors declined his request to re-open the X-12 LAV project and continued to do re-designs in his spare time and on weekends. He then presented the re-designed X-12 LAV to his superiors which they again, declined until he went to King Harold, who ordered Royal Engineering to re-open the X-12 LAV project.The X-12 was redesigned as the X-12 Mk. 2 featured improved damage control systems, better armour and a shortened heavy plasma cannon used as artillery, the heavy plasma cannon (or plasma artillery cannon), located right of the Commanders copula - the tank will acquire its target either by co-ordinates given by infantry, GPS satellite or through the scanners. Once the target is acquired, the gun will be put at the correct angle to fire, then the entire tank will shut down as all available power is shunted to the Plasma Artillery Cannon for it to fire a devastating blue plasma ball.The problem facing the new Mk.2 variant that it is more limited in close combat than the Mk.1, it is because of the Plasma Artillery Cannon is blocking the way for the commanders machine bolter - the Mk.1 was not that much better in close combat - the requierments for a tank that can devistate at medium to long range outweighed the requierment for close in defense, so these tanks requier some support from smaller vehicles such as the Prarie Jaguar MPV or the Cavalier LS/AW. These vheicles have permission to carry the "Order of the King", a flag to indicate to others that this tank is allowed to lead the assault on the enemyThe tank requires a crew of six men and it weighs 310 tonnes - X-12 LAV has been given the nickname "Land Monster" for its size, it is a logistical nightmare of getting it to the battlefield - it is often joked that by the time the X-12 reaches the battlefield, they would have missed ten battles - because of the logistical problem, they are usually created in field factories. When the situation of Needlehelmian soldiers is dire and the odds are fully against them, and when an X-12 finally arrives to turn the odds, the first words they say when it comes is "Thank our God"

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