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 This is a Dryad from my scifi/fantasy story - Scars of Gaia The Dryads are all female elves who live in the Terranian forests and are in harmony with the spirits of each individual tree, there is a mutual respect between the Dryad and the tree spirits, and are often interment with each other - this often leads to offspring of baby Dryads or Satyrs - the Dryads lay unique eggs, when an egg is laid, it looks like wood, and is place in the care of the tree that impregnated the Dryad. The young Dryads are brought up by the spirit of the tree that took care of her when she was an egg, and Dryads are trained for the Terranian Militia at the age of 6. If a tree dies before Dryad reaches maturity, the mother will return to bring the child up, but the child will be forever scared by the death of the tree. Dryads are seen as outstanding acrobatic performers, impressing elves, avian and dragons alike by swinging from tree to tree, their limbs extending to reach other branches, these limbs can also be deadly - it is often said that the Dryads are descended from forest elves many millennia’s ago during the guild wars between the Holy Temple Collective and the Ork Co-operatives when a group of orks slaughtered all the men from their colony - the women were granted to take revenge upon the orks by the forest spirits, they became half tree, half elf. This ability is used against Needlehelmian troops with deadly effect, one Dryad can strangle over 20 soldiers at once - they await in disguise as a normal tree, the soldiers pass without noticing until it is too late, the Dryads also entangle the legs of walking tanks and can knock over lightweight vehicles - bolters do little damage to these women of the forest, the only man portable weapon effective against the Dryad are rockets, grenades, the flamethrower and the man portable Plasma Cannon. 

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