Jennifer Oakes

Hello visitor! My name is you can see above...but you can call me Jen :Þ.  I've been drawing religiously since 2000.  Yes, I am a self-taught artist!! I do use anatomy books every now and then to help with tricky poses...I'd really love to have my own model to draw :D I am currently attending college and rarely have time to get around to drawing now adays :(  I do like constructive critisicm, anything you can say to help me improve (that isn't just bashing on my art) is greatly appreciated! **I now have a Deviant Art page, heres the LINKTamara Salazar Jamie Jennings   I like Drawing of course, and reading alot. I love to listen to music while I draw because it is my #1 muse Favourite movies I love the Underworld series and have recently gotten attached to Lost (such a confusing show) Favourite books Laurell K Hamilton, Kelly Armstrong, Charlaine Harris, and Jennifer Arminotrout series' oh and of course the Stephanie Meyer Books. Mostly anything that has a female character that kicks some butt and/or has some serious attitude! Favourite music Mostly rock and metal music