James S. Marshall

Wow cool my very own biography. Not too much to say, I'm a highschool student, lots hobbies, tho pretty much all of them are music. I sing in a choir, drum in a bagpipe band and play football to round it off. I love to write, I've tried my hand at drawing too but that usually doesn't turn out so well, I'll probably get around to posting some pics from my stories eventually, and I'll ask that you don't have too hard at them. Anyway, I've got too stories loaded up here: Harnesser and Obsidian Sun, which are both outlined below. Harnesser: This is my first story that I actually followed through with and wrote more than just the first chapter. I've written 11 abnormally short chapters so far, 8 of which are posted up here. If you really want me to post the rest, let me know. I'm really not very happy with this story at all, I'd suggest that you start with Obsidian Sun instead, because it's much more recent and I'm going to be expending much more effort on it. Harnesser was really just a jumble of ideas I wanted to incorporate into stories all mushed into one, without much thought for character and world development, so it really doesn't demonstrate the way I write now very well. Obsidian Sun: This is the story I'm currently working on, I've let Harnesser drop for a while, I may come back to it eventually, unlikely though that is. I'm working much harder at detail and development in characters and the world in this story, and I'm spending alot more time proofing and working on it. Hopefully you'll enjoy.

Harnesser Chapter 2

Here's Chapter 2 of my ongoing Harnesser story. In this Chapter, Tasara and the Whispers leave Kebbleran and set off on their journey.

Harnesser Chapter 1

Here's Chapter 1 of my story Harnesser. It follows the adventures of Tasara (a Harnesser, in other words a Spellcaster) and her three Whispers: Varn, Reyde and Warwick (Whispers are people, it's explained in the book.) Anyways, enjoy.

Harnesser Chapter 3

Here's Chapter 3 of Harnesser, which introduces a monster called a Corrupt as well as a few other things, but I won't ruin it.

Harnesser Chapter 7

This is the seventh chapter of my story, Harnesser, and involves a great battle and such. Read on.

Chapter 6

The sixth installment in the Harnesser story, and quite a fun chapter to write. It introduces the Mindlings, a sept of psychics in my world.

Harnesser Chapter 8

The eighth chapter of Harnesser in which the heroes visit a Whisp Engineer and a new character is added to the roster.

Harnesser Chapter 4

On continues the story. This time it's a short chapter where Tasara and the Whispers flee the Corruption Mage, Kerg, into the Zephyr.

Harnesser Chapter 5

Onwards moved the story, this chapter is about the adventures that befall out gallant heroes during their stay in the Zephyr. This is the longest chapter I've written so far, and, excepting chapter 7, the most fun I've had writing a chapter yet. Zephyran's a fun character to write about.