Well, its been a long time since i've even seen the stories i have on elfwood. about two years ago my computer was wiped accidentally and all the stories i had went with it. recently i've decided to continue with some of the stories i have parts of posted on elfwood. but the rest will be at fictionpress, whcich includes the new stuff. My first writing project was 'I am called the First Element' it's on fictionpress.com under the name Taymarua. >>>>PLEASE leave a comment! i like to know what people think about my stories and how i can improve them.


yea!!! i finally finished it!!! i'm falling asleep on the keyboard so i'll just let ya'll read it for yourselves. ^_^

Blade: 1

in this part the character Emotion is intoduced. if you think she is blade, then ask yourself, do they even have simular personalities. *hint...no*

Blade: 2

well, they DO have different personalities!! and umm...yeah. ^_^!

Shadowblade: Daughter of the Warrior

(Note: unlike American names, the De Khiren’s names go last name first and that their last names are months or seasons (save for select few). Whether or not a De Khiren is dark or light depends on what their powers are, which can be foreseen by a parent in the moments after the child’s birth. Dark powers consist of six main elements: Death, Ice, Fire, Night, Sound, and Earth. Dark magic is also called Lunar magic{moon,night,dark...get it?} Names are decided by the day, month/ season, and conditions of the birth. Cerise for example, also has the name , February Storm: he was born in February, at night, and on a night with a violent storm.)

Blade: Prologue

this is the first story of Blade

I am Called the Second Element

(the first element is at fictionpress.com under username Taymarua.) in the dry, volcanic lands of Laterria, this elemental found her home, now all she has to do is remember who she is.