Jasmine Greene

Hmmmm....nothing really interesting here. Anthropology major hoping to someday be able to write realistic fantasy (is that an oxymoron)? Or even just finish some story that I've started. Currently going to an extremely expensive college (NYU) and then off to Law school. Heh, but if I become a good enough writer, maybe I'll just do that.


Metos II

The Queen has held a mysterious meeting, what will become of the kingdom?

Metos 3

Temilah has to take the throne, what happens when she does (incomplete)

Dauntless Princess #2

What happens when the dragon actually shows up?


How did the world begin and how will it end?

Dauntless Princess #3

The tale of the knight

The Dauntless Princess

This is a story I wrote for the fun of it. Nothing really serious, but I still enjoy reading it from time to time.