My art is very much influenced by my Pagan spirituality and the things I learn from it. I have always been a very creative person. I'm an animal nut and I love to read. I also like to RPG. My art has always been a sort of release valve for me, helping me much through the boring mundane world. While a lot of what will be seen in my gallery will be digital in nature, I enjoy many different traditional forms of art as well. I've created art in a variety of genres, but my favorite subjects have always been more fantasy/sci-fi/horror related. I now sell a good bit of my work on merchandise and recently stated sending prints to convention art shows (currently on hiatus until I can get a day job to fund all of that). Due to having to reduce the color depth and resizing issues required to get my work into my gallery here, I apologize for how bad the colors and resolution are. The originals look MUCH better!  I highly recommend you take a peek at the art on my actual art site since I don't have the restrictions on size there. The difference is immense. Also, you will find more information about the images and, sometimes, little story blurbs that go with them.My thanks to the staff for featuring my writing gallery on Aug 6, 2012. :-)I also apologize to those who have made comments and not received responses. For some reason my email address and Elfwood have not been getting along and I wasn't aware of it. Hopefully it will send me the notices like it's supposed to now.  I like Music, reading, art, drums, flutes, Paganism, animals Favourite movies Currently only really into Face Off and Once Upon A Time. Mostly watch nature and science shows now due to lack of quality TV. Favourite books Too many to mention LOL Favourite music I like a lot of variety in my music.