Sike part two

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Bowen Jacobs

Okay, this is just a half decent sketch of Sike that I did a while ago, the only reason I'm posting it is because I finally got 5 people requesting that I tell Sike's story, and I needed an excuse to write it. Anyway, here you go! Sike lives in a peaceful society ruled mages. Mages are instantly recognized because they all have silver eyes. Sike's mom was a mage, and his dad was just a normal guy, hence his one silver eye and one blue. For while, he was allowed to live in the big mage-tower-thingy, but at the age of 7 when he still showed no sign of being able to use magic, he was exiled to this city where all non-mages are slowly being exiled to. The magic in this world is kind of interesting. It's deeply connected with the mind, life, and the dreamworld. Magic comes from it's own little dream-realm, and each mage is supposed to make one visit to this magic-realm in his lifetime. The M-realm isn't a happy place, and is filled with fire and demons made from raw magic. The longer a mage can survive in this dream-world, the more magical-power he has when he comes out of it. If a mage is killed in this realm his mind is destroyed and he returns permanently braindead & insane. A mage can pull out of the magic-realm at any time, and there is a legend that it's possible to conquer the M-realm, gaining immense power in the process. Anyway, that's what the red/black background is in my other Sike-picture. The swords in this society aren't very common, mainly because they are always enchanted. Each sword is unique in it's enchantment, and only mages are allowed to wield swords (the enchantments don't work for non-mages) Swords are usually passed on through inheritance, but Sike got his sword off of a man who had just been murdered by a pair of mages. He kills the two mages with his sword and quite a bit of luck, and then is forced to flee the country for his life, and that's pretty much where his story starts.

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