Jamie Daaé) Taker

Wow, Elfwood did a revamp while I wasn't looking... Thanks to everyone who commented since the last time I was here...which was quite a while ago. (It's because of you I decided to come back to this at all.) I mostly do anime/manga and Disney-cartoon style drawings, of faeries, elves, faerytale characters, stuff from mythology and vampires. I also dabble a little in Western comic-book style and realistic stuff. My nickname is Christine Daaé. If you do care to address me, call me Christine or Chrissy... :smiles: My 'homepage' is my Blurty...if you have a Blurty too, feel free to friend me, and leave comments! I heart new friends! Well, I have a whole bunch of new stuff, so...get ready for it all. ^_^