jeanette vogel

Hi there. Born: Oct. 6th 1981 (Libra) Location: Hamburg / Germany Hobbies: My little pony customs, drawing, writing, LARP, board games, Heavy Metal   03.08.2010: This gallery won't be updated any longer. I really like the site, but poor traffic made me move on.You can find my new and old work here:    Please visit my friends and fave artists here in the woods: Erik Johnson - A very good friend in the woods.  Eric Wadley - The best 3D pictures I've ever seen.  Sabrina 'Faye' Erhardt - She does so cool Animestyle and is a Copic-marker-god! Nadia 'kyuhketsuki' Bader - Her drawings are full of life and power and she does backgrounds! She's the shadowrun-master! Mareike 'Draca' Mevs - One of the greatest wolf-fans in the world! Awwwwwwoouu! ^_^ Miss you. Katharina 'Nebucadneezah' Oldenburg - A good friend of mine with lots of talent! Miss you too. Kirsten Taschira Scholz - A very friendly girl I know from Elfenheim with great talents. Vanessa Friese - She does a fantastic job with watercolours and her characters are very unique.   I like My little pony, writing, drawing, painting, graphic-design, crafts, kites, fantasy, art, calligraphy, comics, LARP, RPG Favourite movies LOTR, The Last Unicorn, Stardust Favourite books Lifeship Traders by Robin Hobb, Everything by Neil Gaiman and Neal Stephenson, The Swan Wars by Sean Russell, Neuromancer by W. Gibson. Favourite music METAL