Jeremiah Epperson

I like Drawing, Painting, Reading, Audiobooks, RPGs, Spending time with my Family, Bicycling, Backpacking, Hiking, Photography, Painting Miniatures, watching YouTube. Favourite movies Robotech, Highlander, Lexx, Life After People, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Conan, Solomon Kane, Ravenous, Willow, Cashback, Battle Royale. Favourite books Mistborn, Wheel of Time, Fairy Tail, American Gods, The First Law Trilogy, Conan Collections, Lullaby, Farseer Trilogy, Game of Thrones, Abhorsen Trilogy, The Kingkiller Chronicles Favourite music Bond, Transylvania Orchestra, Rancid, NoFx, Vandals, Bob Marley, Butthole Surfers