Jaclyn Cifranic

What's up? If you look around at my main page here, you can tell that my name is Jaclyn (or Jackie, or Kiki, take your pick...), I'm 19 years old, and attending Kent State. I live in Ohio, and in my art use pencils, Photoshop, and scratchboard, and am inspired a book I'm personally writing, other books (like LotR), and other little things that just pop into my head(and demand to be drawn *or else*). PLEASE, PLEASE, LEAVE COMMENTS!!! I'm beginning to think that no one likes my pics..... I haven't updated here in a while, mostly because I've been so involved in schoolwork that I haven't really drawn anything until I started going insane towards the end of the semester (for some reason, my muse took a holiday at the same time I had school; something that will probably never happen again). I will definitely be trying to update more often, especially since I got around to putting Photoshop on my new compy.